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The Bitaba Bird
Pirate´s Treasure

The Farm animals
There´s a Hole in my Boat

                                                                                                                                          Whopper Slopper
The Sea Urchin and the Queen

The Tigerfish's party


Spring is in the air,   
Flowers are in bloom,                          

Easter holidays are here,        
But it is back to school soon.

The villagers are getting ready,  
Children are playing in the square,
The bells ring out 3 times for church,
Whilst kids run around without a care.

Sunday brings chocolates, bunnies and eggs,
Fireworks, processions, family and friends.
When the party is over it's time for bed,                        
School tomorrow, so easter ends.

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  1. Geniales las lecturas, Señor Eva!! Y el poema es una preciosidad!!! Es de una alumna, de Cartajima? ? Pues me encanta! Es muy fresco y evocador. Muy buen trabajo!!!